Discovery Process


Getting to know you and your needs

First, we must begin with the discovery process, this is where you talk about your technology dreams and we start sketching out your new reality. Our consultants and designers will sit down with you - whether that be at your home or business - to discuss a variety of project aspects ranging from: 

  • Design goals and objectives
  • Defining the end-result
  • Product Specifications
  • Budgeting 
  • And more

System Design

Blending aesthetic design with technology


Design is the most important element of your home or commercial A/V system. At Nuvision Audio and Video & Home Theater in Omaha we strive to create technologically savvy spaces that effortlessly compliment your environment. That means no messy wires, large boxes, or bulky equipment. Classy, clean, and simple to use is our motto.

We take the worry and guesswork out of design. NuVision Audio and Video specializes in identifying the appropriate entertainment and technology products and installing them the correct way. 


Dedicated Theaters


Bringing the movies to your home

A giant, wall-sized screen or Flat Panel TV? Rows of fully reclining, theater-style seating or Just a few chairs? It’s your own home theater so the decision is up to you! Nothing brings family and friends together better than a night at the movies. We start with a totally customized design that reflects your personality décor and Budget. Next, we select from the finest audio / video components, acoustical treatments, lighting, control systems, and accessories. Then we install everything to perfection.

A true home theater experience can take you away to another place. You become so immersed in the movie, you feel like you are part of it. This is what happens when you create a real dedicated home theater. With the right planning, investing in a home theater can be one of the best enhancements to your home and lifestyle. 

Media Rooms

Offering endless entertainment for family and friends

One big-screen TV is good, but two large-flat screen TV’s are obviously better! Watch one game wind down as another begins; all the while you are playing a game of pool or serving up some frosty beverages. Access your music library from the video display menu, play the music via the main audio system and continue your conversation with guests lounging in the room. A media room is the place the family goes to enjoy music, watch TV and movies, play games or relax at any time of the day. Networked audio and video systems, computers, gaming and mobile devices allow you to enjoy multimedia on a combination of performance flat panels and speaker systems that turn the traditional family room up a notch. 


Whole Home Audio


Access and enjoy your music from any room

Our multi-room home audio system can be designed for new construction or retrofitted for existing homes, delivering high-quality music with equipment that blends seamlessly into any room of the home. Whether you want basic volume control, an advanced keypad system, or remote control through wireless touchscreen devices, NuVision Audio and Video will design a multi-room audio system for your home that is simple to use, navigate and control; so any member of the family can enjoy their favorite content throughout the home, and even outside. 

Outdoor Entertainment

Bringing the indoors outside with weather resistant technology

Outdoor entertaining is more popular than ever and recent advances in weather-resistant audio and video technologies offer greater possibilities for bringing home entertainment outside of the home. Whether you want to watch the baseball game while grilling, or simply want to enjoy music and movies poolside with guests, NuVision Audio and Video can create the perfect outdoor entertainment solution that maximizes your outdoor living space and seamlessly blends technology within your landscape. 


TV Mounting


Leave the heavy lifting to us

Whether you’d like to get your HD or LCD Television installed or you’re upgrading to an amazing custom home theater, our trained technicians have the experience to get you up and running quickly and efficiently.

At Nuvision we help you make your television a centerpiece of your living space with professional mounting and installation that you can depend on. We strive to make everything simple for our customers. Simply tell us what you want and leave the technical details to us.